Paul and I have a joint experience totalling nearly 80 years in an industry which is constantly changing and evolving. Our combined knowledge mean we have a strong understanding of the rules and how HMRC works. I like to think it’s our level of experience which sets us apart from other accountancy firms.

We first met when Paul had started his first job (back in 1991). He always says I was quick to take him ‘under my wing!’ Knowing someone for such a long time means we work as a ‘well-oiled machine.’ We’ve created a smoothly run operation which allows for a relaxed, but efficient, approach to work.

Working together means we can quickly assist both businesses and the self-employed in overcoming just about any tax related issue you can think of.

Seeing a client and chatting over a coffee can really make all the difference if they have been fretting about a tax related issue. Doing something there and then to help them means they leave the office looking visibly more relaxed than when they came in.

People can sometimes make mistakes when handling their own tax affairs and we are here to help them correct any errors they may have made. We can contact HMRC on their behalf and effectively take the problem out of their hands. It can really help to take the pressure off them and, in doing so, bolster their confidence.

When it comes down to tax and problems which you may face then the chances are, whatever the scenario, I’ve successfully dealt with a similar (or identical) scenario in the past and so have all the necessary know-how to help you.

Afterall, much of my day-to-day routine is focused on solving problems. These can vary from clients asking questions around the purchasing of vehicles through to queries around book-keeping.

I work with limited companies, sole traders and partnerships. I also manage payroll systems (including auto enrolment). In short, I can readily handle pretty much anything associated with your tax affairs, from rental properties through to paper accounts and working with cloud-based software.

My job is to understand it so the client can put their trust in our expertise and I’m always happy to chat through how the tax system works. We can provide helpful advice on purchasing assets as timing is everything when it comes down to reducing your tax liabilities at the end of the tax year.

Keeping up to speed on changes is crucial. We attend regular HMRC webinars and stay up to date with bona fide seminars examining key tax issues which are pertinent to accountancy. The rules change all the time and it’s important to know exactly what’s going on and stay ahead of them (I remember the introduction of VAT in 1973 and the alterations it made to our working practices).

Something which is important to me is the speed with which I like to return calls. So, if I cannot immediately answer then I’ll ring you back asap (normally within half an hour). It may seem a small thing to mention here but for a concerned client then any delay in a response can really exacerbate the way they are feeling.

Away from work and I enjoy being on the beach. We’re very lucky to be based in the south-west where the coastline provides ample opportunity for snorkelling and even a spot of kit surfing!